Recent shows

Some Northern Artists (2012) brought together the work of various local artists of different disciplines including Terry Logan and Frankie Cranfield.

The mixed show (Dec 2009 / September 2010) included Flower portraits by Fiona Brown and Madeleine Floyd, Love Bird prints by Isobel Brigham, still life by Susie Dugdale, A Lorenzo of Medici portrait by Caroline Ritchie and the Ribblehead Viaduct series by Philippa Troutman.

Works on paper (Dec 2008 / Mar 2009) showed the work of nine artists and included drawings, watercolours, illustrations, screen prints and photographs: screen prints of working drawings by the Royal College-trained sculptor Charles Hadcock, sketches by landscape artist Kitty North; 'money' prints by popular London-based artist Justine Smith and some highly collectable catwalk paintings by the internationally renowned fashion illustrator David Downton.

Prices in the gallery range from £25 to £10,000