Plants with Provenance by Emma Tennant (Fine Art Society, London 2-10 December 2015)

Emma Tennant at Chatsworth : the Duke's sister paints favourite plants at home and away
This exhibition was held in the New Gallery at Chatsworth (24 March - 30 June 2013). It celebrated Emma as an artist, gardener, botanist and historian. She took inspiration for theshow from the 6th Duke of Devonshire's 1840 plant list, unearthed from the Chatsworth archive. Some of the plants are still growing at Chatsworth - some were the original specimens planted by Joseph Paxton, the 6th Duke's well known gardener - and many missing plants were either grown from seed by Emma or found growing elsewhere. A fully illustrated 96-page catalogue accompanied the exhibition (price £12), if you would like a copy please enquire. Emma Tennant and her work

Isabel Tennant's gilded flower panels Mother and daughter collaboration - drawn by Emma Tennant on to Indonesian hardwood board and gilded by her daughter Isabel (one of the country's leading gilders), mother and daughter collaborate artistically. Isabel uses traditional oil-gilding techniques to gild her mother's pencil drawing with Palladium leaf, a pure metal slightly darker than silver that does not tarnish. If you would like to be notified when more gilded panels become available please contact me

Jason Gathorne Hardy
The Billiard Room is at present showing animal graphite drawings by Jason Gathorne-Hardy (see image opposite). Jason was born in Malaysia and grew up in Suffolk. He studied Zoology at Oxford and drawing under Maggi Hambling at Morley College, London (1995/1998). In 2005 he founded The Alde Valley Food Adventures to celebrate food, farming, landscape and the arts in the beautiful Alde Valley of East Suffolk. He is also the Patron of Pesta Nukenen Bario [The Bario & Kelabit Highlands Food & Cultural Festival] in the Kelabit Highlands of Central Borneo []. Jason works in Suffolk, UK and Malaysian Borneo and in London is represented by The Redfern Gallery, Cork Street. His work was selected in 2010 for Critic's Choice / Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives by the curator Andrew Lambirth (art critic for the Spectator) and his work is in public and private collections both nationally and internationally, notably Hiscox Fine Art Collection and Jesus College Collection (Cambridge). For images and details of work available please contact me

Isobel Brigham Also on exhibition now are watercolours as well as prints from Isobel Brigham's Love Birds series. The series, inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's 14th century poem 'The Parliament of Fowls', makes the first reference to the idea that St. Valentine's Day was a special day for lovers. Please see Isobel Brigham for her biography and a link to some of the prints available. Do contact me for images of watercolours. Framed prints £180 each/framed watercolours £280 each.

Artists' books available through the gallery
Madeleine Floyd's latest book 'Birdsong' (published by the National Trust) is now available through the gallery at £7.99. Please get in touch if you would like to order a copy. Emma Tennant's book 'Rag Rugs of England and America' is also available through the website & gallery. Please get in touch if you would like to order a copy. It explores the history of rag rug-making on both sides of the Atlantic and its current revival, of which Emma is a leader in Britain. 'More Good Work by Anon' - an essay by Emma about her favourite books - is available through Heywood Hill bookshop, 10 Curzon Street, London W1.