Emma Tennant

Emma's forthcoming exhibition A Botanical Tour of Great Britain - from the Scillies to Sutherland (6 March - 28 April 2019) takes one on a tour of Great Britain.  A selling exhibition of 55 paintings, the show explores the many plants from around the world that are grown here in Great Britain.  'Like John Nash, I take my paintbox with me wherever I go'.

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Emma Tennant, Artist and Gardener, Ben Wood's 55 minute documentary film, explores Emma's early, and on going, influences as a gardener and painter. It follows her painting year and looks at her development from a gardener who painted to a painter who gardens. The Garden Museum, London are screening the first public screenings of this fascinating and beautifully shot film on Mon 11 March (7pm) and Thurs 25 April (1.30pm). Please go to www.gardenmuseum.org.uk for tickets.

Emma's most recent show here in the Billiard Room (28 Nov - 28 Jan 2017), along side William Plumptre the potter, explored the influence of Japan on her work.  'Most European flower painters began as illustrators who made their subject fit to a rectangular page.  Even when easel painting they were equally restrained.  Oriental paintings, on the other hand, were neither framed, nor used in books but on screens or scrolls which enabled them to use a very free line.  This free line very much appeals to me as it enables me to capture the way in which the plant actually grows'.

Emma Tennant began, aged 5, as a gardener who sometimes painted the radishes and marigolds that she grew in her child-sized plot. Now she is a painter who also gardens. She is largely self-taught. The work of Elizabeth Blackadder has been a great influence. Her flower, fruit and vegetable watercolours on Japanese rice paper combine botanical accuracy with a free and lively line. Rare and exotic plants are cultivated to paint and her exhibition notes about the plants she draws are historical, scholarly and practical.

Plants with Provenance was exhibited at the Fine Art Society, London in 2015 and Emma Tennant at Chatsworth was shown in the New Gallery at Chatsworth in 2013. 

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